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Alitalia: Tickets, Routes and Check-in

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Alitalia is the main Italian airline company and even though it provides connections to the most important cities of the world, it is especially known for its extensive coverage within Italy.
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Flying Alitalia

Alitalia is the main Italian airline company, currently an Etihad Airways partner and part of Sky Team, the global airline alliance that includes the main industry players. The former Italian national company has been operating flights within Italy and internationally since 1947 and more than 23 millions of people travelled with Alitalia just in 2015. If we consider the routes in Italy, the company has obviously a more extended coverage than its competitors, while also the number of international flights is growing.

Alitalia routes

With its 4.400 weekly flights and almost 100 destinations in peak season, Alitalia lets you travel to all major cities, with a main focus on Italian destinations. Whether you simply want to get from Rome to Milan by plane, reach pristine destinations such as Pantelleria island or travel abroad from Milan to New York, Alitalia has the flight connection that suits your needs.

Most popular routes

The high number of routes and seasonality influence Alitalia flight schedule and frequency. Searching on Wanderio, you can see all the departures for the selected dates and choose the one that fits your needs. Are you going to New York from Rome? You have 4 direct flights everyday, from 9.40am to 02.45pm. If you need to get from Milan to Frankfurt instead, you’ll be able to leave at 12.40pm or 05.25pm.

Discover all Alitalia destinations

Alitalia fleet

Alitalia has different airplanes available depending on the length of the route. For long haul ones, such as Rome to Sao Paulo flights, it has Boeing B777 and Airbus A330, with up to 300 seats and a maximum speed of almost 900 km/h. On medium-ranged flights instead, the company offers Airbus A321, A320 and A319, which have a 200 people capacity and travel at 850 km/h - you can find these kinds of aircraft when travelling from Rome to Paris by plane. Finally, on internal flights (such as for Rome to Milan), there are Embraer E190 o E175, quite fast as the previous ones but ideal for a maximum of 100 people. Whatever aircraft you’re travelling on with Alitalia, you can be sure to flight on a modern and comfortable one.

Alitalia services

Depending on which fare you select - from Economy to Business Class - you’ll be pampered with different services during your flight.


The Italian airline company lets you bring your pet on board for a surcharge ranging from € 40 to € 200 depending on what animal it is and whether it travels in the hold or in the cabin. The only exception is for guide dogs that can travel for free. You must bring your pet’s passport and health insurance card; your pet needs to have an identifying tattoo or a microchip. In case you want it to travel with you in the cabin, you must put it in a carrier no bigger than 24x40x20 cm; also, the total weight of your pet, its carrier and its food must be under 10kg. If you’re ok with him travelling in the hold instead, please make sure its cage is rigid and made of metal.


Every passenger is allowed to bring a hand luggage no heavier than 8kg and as big as 24x40x20 cm. In addition, you can carry a laptop or a small bag with you. The maximum weight for a hold luggage instead is 23kg (for those travelling in Economy or Economy Flex) or 32kg (for Business class customers) - in any case, your suitcase can’t be bigger than 158 cm overall, considering height, length and thickness. The hold luggage is always included in the ticket unless you opt for the Economy Light class - if this is the case, you can add it later online at a price of € 20 or directly at the airport for € 40. Is your suitcase heavier? Then expect to pay a surcharge between € 60 and € 200 based on where you’re flying to.

Special equipment

Musical instruments and sport equipment are considered ordinary luggage, replacing hand or hold luggage or as extra bags. Windsurfs, tandem bikes and surfs are the only exceptions, for which you must make sure they are permitted on board before the day of the departure. If you need to bring bigger musical instruments - such as a cello, for instance - you have to pay an extra cost and you can’t travel with an Economy Light ticket.

Onboard wifi

You can actually use your phone during the flight - roaming costs for calls and text messages depend on your phone company - and you can even use the wifi. Alitalia offers one or three-hour packages for connecting to the Internet, at € 9.60 and € 21 respectively.


On long haul flights, every seat is equipped with a small screen from which you can access the entertainment portal - movies, games, music and tv programs are one tap away! Also, you will receive “Ulisse”, the company travel magazine.

Food service

Alitalia is the world’s best airline company for onboard food service. Depending on which class you’re travelling on, you will receive different options. With an Economy Light ticket, you will have a snack or a light meal and great Lavazza coffee on international flights while you’ll be served breakfast/snack and a complete meal (starter, main course, fruits and dessert) on long haul ones (a third snack is provided in case the journey takes more than 11 hours). If you travel in Economy Premium class, in addition to that, you will receive Limoncello (a typical Italian liqueur), selected wines, hot towels and soft drinks. The Business Class offers a full service of course. On medium haul flights you will have a welcome drink and, most importantly, you can actually choose what regional specialties and local Italian dishes to eat from the menu; on long haul flights, in addition to that, you can choose what kind of coffee to drink from the Lavazza menu, what wine to drink (suggested by the onboard sommelier) and an impeccable service, comprehensive of Richard Ginori cutlery. Apart from what ticket fare you choose, you can contact the company at least 24 hours before the departure to have a special meal, so as to meet all your medical or dietary needs.

Seats and assistance to the disabled

The airport staff is at your disposal for any assistance - however, you need to contact the company at least 48 hours before the departure in order to receive the appropriate support.

Alitalia ticket information

The boarding pass

You can buy a flight ticket at the airport, of course, but you would incur in very high prices. The most convenient ways to book an Alitalia flight are definitely at an agency or online, on the company website or via intermediaries such as Wanderio. Please remember the boarding pass must be printed (unless you have a mobile ticket) and accompanied by your passport or identity card when at the airport. This is a name ticket in fact and it is only valid for the route, the date and the hour previously booked.

For young travellers

There are special fares for babies under 2 years old and for children aged 2-11; Alitalia also provides accompanying services for those travelling solos who are between 5 and 14 on domestic flights (or between 5 and 15 if on international routes).

Buying your Alitalia flight ticket online

You can book your flight with Alitalia on online travel agencies like Wanderio. Our service lets you compare all available airlines on the selected route and even consider alternative ways to get to your destination, such as trains or buses. If you opt for a flight, once your booking has been confirmed, we will send you an email with all the data and instructions for checking in online on Alitalia official website, so as to get your boarding pass. If you need to make a reservation but you’re not at home, you can buy Alitalia tickets on the Wanderio App, which you can find on the App Store for free.

Alitalia check-in

Once bought your flight on Wanderio, you will receive an email with your flight and reservation details and the instructions to check-in online. This service is available in the last 24 hours before the departure and up to 2 hours before the airplane takes off (one hour in case of domestic flights). When doing the check-in online, you can add extra luggage or choose a more comfortable seat. Alternatively, you can do the check-in at the airport, both at the desk or at one of the self-service stations.

Alitalia fares, terms and conditions

You can choose from several fares with Alitalia, each of them suitable to specific needs, letting you experience different amenities. Depending on what you choose, you will undergo to certain terms and conditions, especially concerning cancel and change policies.

Business Flex

This is Alitalia’s best. Before leaving, you can relax at the Alitalia Lounge and avoid queues thanks to priority check-in and boarding. During the flight, you will be on 180-degrees-reclinable seats, being served the best food ever and resting thanks to the complimentary pillow and blanket. Choosing the Business Flex, you are allowed to bring up to 2 suitcases of 32kg (apart from the hand luggage) and you can modify or cancel your booking at no surcharge.

Business Classic

All previous amenities are included in the Business Classic as well; the only difference is that changes and cancellations are permitted at different conditions based on the route.

Economy Flex

You can change or cancel your booking for free with this fare; moreover, the luggage is included in the price (they are actually 2, up to 23kg each, in case of long haul flights) and you have priority check-in and boarding.

Economy Classic

When choosing the Economy Classic, you will be allowed to carry a 23 kg hold luggage and to change your booking in case of need (even though there’s a surcharge for that). Cancellations are not refundable though. During the flight, you will receive up to three meals or snacks based on the length of the journey.

Economy Light

This is the cheapest option you can find with Alitalia. Based on your needs, you will nonetheless receive the best service possible. However, no cancellations or changes are allowed and no hold luggage is included (although you can always add one later at a reasonable price).

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